As a intellectual property licensing and technology research & development company, we believe that our core values define our business strategies and practices, our corporate brand and ultimately our corporate culture and ethical standards. Prism Technologies pledges itself to live by the following core values:

  • Investments in technology research & development that further the useful arts and sciences while returning value and rewarding early investments in the same.
  • Commitment to professionalism through honesty, integrity, and transparent behavior.
  • Fair value methodologies in pricing and terms based upon generally accepted valuation principles.
  • Responsive, cooperative, and open communication focused on resolution.

Licensing Best Practices

Standing on the foundation of our core values and in an effort to drive real change in the licensing practices of all entities who assert but do not directly practice their respective patents, Prism pledges itself to follow these seven licensing best practices:

  • Ensure focused licensing and enforcement programs pursuing the provider of the patented technology and not consumers or small businesses.
  • Conduct reasonable diligence to determine a patent’s enforceability and use with respect to each prospective licensee, and make that information available to them.
  • Respect procedural rights and judicial efficiency in the courts in the prosecution and protection of intellectual property behind innovation.
  • Be transparent with the intent in each discussion, and articulate the cause and effect scenarios which would prompt a shift in communication and escalation of each discussion.
  • Provide useful facts to prospective licensees and defendants to foster productive business discussions early and often to aid in informed decision-making.
  • Offer fair value licenses or settlements based on time and risk adjusted pricing.
  • Commit to open lines of communication with each prospective licensee directly, as well as through counsel, in efforts to identify a path to resolving the dispute through collaboration.