Gregory J. Duman

Co-Founder, President, CFO, Board Member

Mr. Duman has been with Prism since 2003 and was a co-founder. Mr. Duman’s background is in finance, accounting, and business management. After spending four years in public accounting as a CPA, he joined Applied Communications/Transaction Systems Architects, Inc. (NASDAQ:ACIW), a publicly traded software company. Mr. Duman was with ACIW for approximately 17 years and served in a variety of capacities including Controller, Chief Financial Officer, and Executive Vice President. Mr. Duman was also a member of ACIW’s Board of Directors and served as Chairman of the Board in 2001. After leaving ACIW in 2000, Mr. Duman became Chief Financial Officer and EVP of Artios, Inc., a privately held provider of electronic transaction exchange between businesses. After leaving Artios in 2001, Mr. Duman became Chief Financial Officer and EVP of Transgenomic, Inc. (OTC:TBIO), a publicly traded company in the bio-tech industry. Mr. Duman served on the Board of Transgenomic for nine years. Mr. Duman holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of Nebraska.

Gerald C. Korth

President Secure Axcess LLC subsidiary, President Milleniumbiologix subsidiary, Board Member

Mr. Korth has been with the Company since 2003. Mr. Korth brings over 25 years of C-level experience in international business development within the computer hardware, software and telecommunications industries. Mr. Korth is the author of several US Patents in digital recording and telecommunications. He has served as the Company’s Vice President of Business Development & Licensing since its inception and has also served as President of Secure Axcess since 2010. Secure Axcess is a subsidiary of the Company headquartered in Plano, TX that has built and successfully monetized a substantial patent portfolio of internet security patents. Educated at the University of Nebraska, Mr. Korth began his career as a Quality Control Engineer with Control Data Corporation. In 1976, he co-founded Brum-Ko Magnetics Corporation, a pioneering manufacturer of computer disc drive components. Mr. Korth later co-founded Memcon Corporation in 1980 and Data Duplicating Corporation in 1990, leading both companies in the technological development and international marketing of computer disc equipment and software production services.

Andre J. Bahou

Vice President & Chief Legal Officer

Mr. Bahou has been with Prism since 2009. Mr. Bahou is a registered patent attorney with experience in the area of intellectual property law, including litigation management of patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets. He has extensive experience in all aspects of patent infringement litigation and has worked on cases involving varying technologies such as medical devices, telecommunications, computer hardware, software, and Internet security systems. Before joining the company, Mr. Bahou co-founded an engineering firm, served as Engineering Manager, and consulted as a Professional Engineer. He previously worked for several prestigious national law firms including Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi and Dewey & LeBoeuf. Mr. Bahou’s education includes a BS in Engineering from Tennessee Technological University, an MBA from Middle Tennessee State University, and a Juris Doctorate from the Pierce Law Center at the University of New Hampshire and a Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Johns Hopkins University. Mr Bahou's academic interests include telecommunications, network security and information assurance. Mr. Bahou’s Bar admissions include Maryland and District of Columbia and his Court admissions include various US District Courts, the US Patent and Trademark Office, US Court of Appeals Federal Circuit, and the US Supreme Court. Mr. Bahou is also a member of the IEEE, American Intellectual Property Law Association, the American Bar Association, and the Federal Circuit Bar Association. Mr. Bahou serves a Board Member of LaunchTN, a public-private partnership dedicate to the development of high-growth companies.

Richard L. Gregg

Founder, VP, Chief Technical Officer, Board Member

Mr. Gregg is the Founder, Vice-President and Chief Technology Officer of Prism Technologies (Prism). Mr. Gregg is an entrepreneur with more than thirty (30) years of in-depth technical, business and managerial experience in the computer technology industry. Mr. Gregg is the inventor of Prism’s core patents (6,516,416; 7,290,288; 8,127,345; 8,387,155) which cover computer and network security systems and methods that manage access to protected computer resources. Prism's core patents have been licensed to ten (10) companies including Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) and Research in Motion (NASDAQ: BBRY). Prior to that, he founded Prism Resources, Inc. (1991-2001), a provider of Internet discount brokerage, financial services, and secure content delivery software and systems. Prism Resources pioneered the development and implementation of systems and technology for the Internet brokerage and financial services industries in the United States. In 1997, Prism Resources was recognized as the Nebraska Technology Company of the Year by the AIM Institute and Omaha Chamber of Commerce. Before Prism Resources, Mr. Gregg designed ruggedized computer equipment for the transportation industry (1987-1991), developed online transaction processing software (1987-1989), and engineered patented flexible media test and replication technology and equipment (1980-1985).

Mr. Gregg has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electronics Engineering from the University of Nebraska (1982) and is currently pursuing his Master's degree in Telecommunications Engineering at the University of Nebraska (May 2015). Mr. Gregg's academic research interests include cryptography, cryptanalysis, information assurance, security vulnerability detection and prevention, wireless sensor networks, wireless communications and wearable computing. He is a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and has consulted as a technical expert in patent litigation matters. Mr. Gregg has been admitted to the Ph.D. program in Computer Engineering at the University of Nebraska. Mr. Gregg is a member of the Computer and Electronics Engineering Department Industry Advisory Board at the University of Nebraska.

David P. Stokes

Board Member

Mr. Stokes has been a Board Member of Prism since 2003. Mr. Stokes is currently General Counsel and Secretary of Sojern, Inc., a privately held company involved with Internet advertising. He served as Chief Legal Officer for Prism from 2003 through 2009. Mr. Stokes brings 20 years of legal and business development experience to the Company. Following 5 years in private practice, Mr. Stokes joined the legal staff at Applied Communications/Transaction Systems Architects (NASDAQ:ACIW) in 1988, becoming General Counsel at ACIW in 1991. Mr. Stokes served as Vice President - Legal and Secretary at ACIW from 1993 to 2003. Mr. Stokes received a Bachelor of Science - Business Administration degree from the University of Nebraska - Lincoln and a Juris Doctorate from Creighton University Law School.

William E. Fisher

Board Member

Mr. Fisher has been a Board Member of Prism since 2003. Mr. Fisher is currently CEO of Treetop Ventures, LLC. Prior to that, he was an Executive at Sojern, Inc. Prior to that Mr. Fisher was the President of Global Software Solutions, the software division of CSG Systems, Inc. He joined CSG in 2001 when the company acquired PlaNet Consulting, an e-business solutions and services group of which Fisher served as Chairman. Prior to plaNet, Mr. Fisher served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer for Transaction Systems Architects, Inc. (TSAI), and served 14 years in numerous roles including President and Chief Executive Officer of ACIW, which was acquired by TSAI. He has served on the Boards of Bank of America (NYSE: BAC) Merchant Business (BAMSI), Hypercom, Inc., Trizetto, Inc. (TZIX), West, Inc. (acquired by TH Lee Partners in 2006), Income Dynamics and Solutionary. Mr. Fisher is a co-founder of Sojern, Inc., a privately held company involved with Internet advertising. Mr. Fisher is currently on the board of FTNI, Inc. and Lodo Software, Inc.; both of these companies are providers of technology products in the payments industry. Mr. Fisher is a co-founder of Prairie Finance, a subprime finance business located and operating in Nebraska. Mr. Fisher holds a Bachelor's Degree in Management from Indiana State University and a Master's Degree in Business Administration from the University of Nebraska.

Gregory Bailey

Board Member

Dr. Bailey has been a Board Member of Prism since 2012. He is currently the managing partner with Declan Doogan of Palantir Group, Inc., a merchant bank specializing in micro cap technology and biotechnology. Dr. Bailey received his medical degree from the University of Ontario before practicing for ten (10) years as an emergency room physician. In 1995 he co-founded EuroAmerican Mercantile Bancorp (“EuroAmerican”), a London based international bank. He was a managing partner of EuroAmerican for the next five (5) years. During that period EuroAmerican completed numerous microcap financings and took many companies public. Under the auspices of EuroAmerican Dr. Bailey co-founded Ascent Healthcare Solutions, which was later sold to Stryker for $521 million. Dr. Bailey also founded and became the general manager of the ABN Private Equity Fund. He also founded or co-founded several companies including VirnetX, iWin, Inc., and Duramedic. Dr. Bailey has Series 7 and 6 licenses from NASD and currently sits on the board of directors of Portage Pharma, Inc., Secure Axcess, LLC, and Duramedic, Inc.

Richard A. Danzig

Board Member

Mr. Danzig has been a Board Member of Prism since 2012. Mr. Danzig is a member of the law firm of Danzig Fishman & Decea with offices in White Plains, New York, and New York City. Mr. Danzig’s firm specializes in commercial litigation, transactional matters and real estate. Mr. Danzig was a founding member and director of the American Paralegal Institute. He was also a principal and on the board of directors of We The People, a legal document preparation company, with 250 stores nationwide which was acquired by Dollar Financial Group (NASDAQ:DLLR). Mr. Danzig was a founding investor of VirnetX, a publicly traded internet security company, and HALO, a company specializing in defensive sea wall barriers. He was also a member of the board of directors of Comprehensive Care Corp. (OTC:CHCR), a publicly traded managed healthcare company.