Prism Technologies believes inventors and their patented inventions are the building blocks of the U.S. economy. Robust innovative research and development results in patents that are essential part of economic growth and job creation. They continuously enhance our quality of life. Strong patents and strong patent protection also represent our country’s key competitive advantage in the global marketplace. We believe inventors and patent owners should be empowered and fairly rewarded for the genius of their inventions, incentivizing and driving renewed innovation. We work towards this end, providing inventors and organizations with opportunities to unleash the untapped potential in cutting edge research, development and patents. Prism's executives and advisors have decades of experience licensing patents and an impressive record of success.

Because of legislative and regulatory changes, patent licensing has become increasingly difficult and expensive for patent owners, resulting in a significant number of high-quality but financially under-performing patent assets. This necessitates an experienced licensing partner. Prism focuses solely on licensing technology in emerging & existing markets and is one of the leading independent intellectual property management companies in the United States.